Are sexual orientation and gender identity included in the non-discrimination policy?

Yes, sexual orientation and gender identity (to be added in the upcoming months) are included in Oklahoma State University’s equal opportunity statement.  


Is there a procedure for reporting LGBTQA+ discrimination?

Yes, through multiple avenues. One is ethicspoint.com which is a site Oklahoma State University utilizes to issue complaints on activities that are illegal or discriminative in nature; and the Office of Equal Opportunity. The Office of Equal Opportunity in collaboration with Student Conduct Education and Administration assesses and investigates discrimination cases reported by faculty, staff, or students at Oklahoma State University.



Does Oklahoma State University provide all-gendered restroom facilities in administrative and academic buildings?

Yes, but they are limited. The Employee Queers & Allies League (EQuAL) is currently working to assess the locations and number of single-use/all-gendered restrooms on campus and implement changes.

Visit equal.okstate.edu for maps and more information.

Is there a campus office for LGBTQA+ students?

Yes. The location for LGBTQA+ students to gain information and support services is in the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The Office of Multicultural Affairs, which is located in the Student Union – 240, is a place where students are able to learn more about themselves, enhance their character, and engage in the campus and greater community to promote a more inclusive world.

Visit: http://icae.okstate.edu/


Does Oklahoma State University have a full-time professional staff member who is employed to support LGBTQA+ students, staff, and faculty?

Yes, the Coordinator of Women’s and LGBT Affairs. This individual is located in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, 240 Student Union.

Are there LGBTQA+ sensitive counseling services available?

Yes, the University Counseling Services office provides affirming, supportive, and resourceful individual counseling to members of the LGBTQA+ community.


Are there active LGBTQA+ organizations at Oklahoma State University?

Yes, there are three organizations that focus on LGBTQA+ persons:  Oklahoma State Queers and Allies (OSQ&A) for undergraduate students; Arc, which is the established organization for graduate level students; and the Employee Queers and Allies League (EQuAL), a council for the institutions faculty and staff.

Does the Oklahoma State University LGBTQA+ organizations offer activities and programs that address LGBTQA+ issues?

Yes, the three organizations: EQuAL, Arc, and OSQ&A provide outlets, events, and resources for their respective area. Additionally, the three organizations are currently working on a full collaborative ally campaign to share ideas between faculty/staff, graduate and undergraduate students in order to advocate and improve upon the LGBTQA+ campus climate at Oklahoma State University and in the greater community.

Does Oklahoma State University offer LGBTQA+ courses through various departments and programs?

Yes. The Gender and Women’s Studies (GWST) program at OSU is an academic unit that offers  both undergraduate and graduate courses focused on gender and sexuality, as well as a variety of courses focused on intersections among race, class, gender, nationality, and sexuality. Recent course offerings include Men and Masculinities, Theorizing Sexualities, and Gay and Lesbian Literatures. The GWST program supports research and outreach on gender, sexuality, and LGBTQA+ issues and also supports and coordinates a variety of related campus events, including film series, guest speakers, poetry readings, art exhibits, reading groups, and conferences.

For more information, contact Program Director and Professor Lucy.Bailey@okstate.edu


Does Oklahoma State University offer domestic partner benefits to staff and faculty?

Yes. In 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision to refuse cases that would ban same-sex marriage in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma State University does not differentiate between opposite-sex and same-sex couples; all legally married employees are benefits eligible and common law affidavits are available for those who are not married, but wish to include their partner as a "spouse." 


How is the current campus and community climate towards LGBTQA+ people at Oklahoma State University and in Stillwater?

The climate at Oklahoma State University is unknown due to minimal dialogue on relevant issues; however, the LGBTQA+ organizations hope to talks to others, learn their beliefs, and understand how to move forward to make Oklahoma State University improve inclusiveness on campus and guide resources in a direction that is supported by the community.


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