All- Gender Restrooms

Single-Use, All-Gender Restrooms

The Employee Queers and Allies League (EQuAL) continues to work on providing more single-use, all-gender restrooms on the Oklahoma State University campus. This option allows for all members in the campus community to use a restroom in a secure and comfortable space. These restrooms, to be used by anyone, advocates for those who are transgender or do not fit the gender binary, those with disabilities whose attendant is another sex or gender-identity, and parents with children of the opposite sex or gender-identity to support inclusive environments. 
This list will be updated on a continue basis. If you have questions, comments, or updates regarding the restrooms at the OSU campus, feel free to contact the Coordinator for Women's and LGBTQ Affairs –

What is a single-use, all-gender restroom? It is a lockable room with a toilet and sink, for use by one individual at a time, regardless of their gender.


The current single-use, all-gender restrooms on campus are located:

Adams Market

Market Buffet
(hallway behind the beverages)

Allen Hall*

2nd floor, East hallway
(right from elevator exit)

3rd floor, East hallway
(right from elevator exit)

4th floor, East hallway
(right from elevator exit)

Bartlett Center

4th floor

Booker Hall*

2nd floor, South hallway
(left from elevator exit)

3rd floor, South hallway
(left from elevator exit)

Colvin Recreation Center

Lower level
(family restroom next to indoor pool)


Floor under construction*

Donald W. Reynolds School of Architecture*

1st floor, East side
(near the School of Architecture office)

Endeavor (CEAT Lab)

1st floor, 100C

Gallagher-Iba Arena

Concourse level
(family restroom northeast of the O-Club)

Griffith Center

East side
(next to study area computer lab)

Iba Hall*

1st floor
(left of the elevators)

(Take a right when leaving stairwell)


South entrance
(across from the FRC)

McElroy Hall*

1st floor, South-Central side
(2 rooms near Duane R. Peterson Anatomy Learning Center)

3rd floor, North building
(next to the copy room)

North Murray

1st floor, North end
(in Psychological Service Center)

1st floor, South end
(near Undergraduate Academic Advising)

Parker Hall*

North side, basement
(next to laundry room)

Patchin-Jones Halls*

Jones, 1st floor
(left hallway to entrance)

Jones, 2nd floor
(left from elevator exit)

Jones, 3rd floor
(left from elevator exit)

Jones, 4th floor
(left from elevator exit)

Patchin, 2nd floor
(right from elevator exit)

Patchin, 3rd floor
(right from elevator exit)

Patchin, 4th floor
(right from elevator exit)

Paul Miller Journalism and Broadcasting

3rd floor, South end
(across from elevator)

Public Information Office (PIO)

1st floor, North end
(right of the front desk)

1st floor, South end

3rd floor, North end
(next to ITLE support)

Scott Hall

Basement, East side
(left from elevator exit – unlabeled 000B)

Seretean Wellness Center

Lower level, West side
(next to the Cardio & Weight room)

Stinchcomb Hall*

2nd floor, South hallway
(right from elevator exit)

3rd floor, South hallway
(right from elevator exit)

Stout Hall*

South end, 1st floor
(across from the Resident Directors office)

Zink Hall*

1st floor, East hallway
(left hallway to entrance)

2nd floor, West hallway
(left from elevator exit)

3rd floor, West hallway
(left from elevator exit)

4th floor, West hallway
(left from elevator exit)


Locations marked with an asterisk* are areas that could be residential or major specific buildings and therefore, could require ID card swipe access.

We would like to extend sincere appreciation and thanks to for their kind donation to the all-gender restrooms on the Oklahoma State University campus through inclusive signage. The current signage for the restrooms is a work-in-progress; restrooms could include: family restroom or unisex but is meant to allow single-use, all-gender occupants.